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Tour of Essen Motor Show 2013: The Monster Party

Markus Stier
Tour Essen Motor Show 2013
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E s is the old story of the half empty or the half full glass. It is true that the organizers of the Essen Motor Show increasingly have to focus on special shows in order to fill the dozen halls at the Gruga. But with this the fair has succeeded in making a virtue out of necessity.

Nobody has to know, that only 163 PS are in it

What manufacturers lack in the large hall three has been filled with large-scale presentations of design studies and a special show on the history of the DTM. It may be that the Giugiaro Parcours was already in Geneva and Frankfurt, but not yet in Essen. After all, the Italian designer has added a roadster version to this sharp fusion of super sports car and SUV.

The futuristic Flèche Rouge by Franco Sbarro is also a real eye-catcher. Nobody needs to know that there is only a small Citroën four-cylinder with 163 hp crouching under the carbon hood of the mid-engine floor. The young Dina is pretty and blonde and is at the motor show for the first time, and she is very impressed by the wide variety of exhibits: 'I like it a lot. There is so much to see and something is happening everywhere.'

Essen Motor Show 2013 indulges in the DTM past

At the other end of the hall, racing fans can indulge in blissful DTM ages in view of the Volvo 240 Turbo, BMW M3 or Audi V8, even the first from Zakspeed The prototype of the later ITC champion Opel Calibra built in bare carbon fiber is on display. Of course, some of the current DTM racers should not be missing, including Mike Rockenfeller's yellow-green Audi. The master is not only at the fair as a cardboard comrade, but can also be met in person, as well as the German record rally champion Matthias Kahle at the Skoda stand.

Skoda and Opel are the only manufacturers with a larger exhibition presence they don't have much to present. Skoda shows the European Rally Championship winner Fabia S2000 and that red-gray Rapid, which was already on display at the Wörthersee. Opel has the IAA study Monza Concept with it and the Adam as a rally car and the series Adam with rally stripes. An even bigger eye-catcher, however, is the yellow-black version with a declaration of love to Borussia Dortmund.

BMW? Where's BMW?

DieBavaria, however, did not come. Last year, BMW celebrated one or two premieres with M models, while Mercedes jumped into the breach, presenting their popular sports racers with the A-Class and CLA. As in the previous year, Ford was represented with a large stand by wholesaler Reintges, who also sells Kia, so visitors to the fair can search for special parts with a Korean ignition key.

Otherwise, many things are as usual. In the accessories halls eight and nine there is the calm before the storm. It is still being set up before the army storms the stands on the first day of the public in search of taillights and rear silencers. Real noise, on the other hand, is already being made in hall seven, where the drifting artists scare themselves around the circuit in a parallel slide. For the first time, there will also be drifters with remote control on a scale of 1: 5 in Hall twelve.

Wolf does what Ford was too cowardly for

As far as the tuning front is concerned, Brabus has as always the largest wagon castle built in hall ten. The Bottrop present not only the giant Brabus 700 with six-wheel drive and 700 hp parked, but also the brand new 850, a station wagon based on the AMG E63T with six-liter V8 biturbo and 850 hp. But there is also progress on a smaller scale. Wolf-Tuning did what Ford was too cowardly for: to build an all-wheel drive in the Focus RS. It was supposed to be based on the Rally-Focus WRC, but always had to get by with front-wheel drive. The Wolf technicians used the drive train from the Ford shelf. Many components come from the Kuga compact SUV. With a larger charger, the engine achieves a torque of 627 Newton meters, which is roughly in the league of real rally machines. The performance is even significantly higher at 505 hp because the competition cars, unlike the wolf in Ford fur, have to compete with an air mass limiter.

Twizy Vmax90 is no longer just a victim

Small rolls are baked at Elia. The Renault tuner has been doing good business for a year with a side window system for the otherwise open Renault Twizy. The Franconians have now given the electric built-in canopy with an emergency seat in the back an uninhibited drive. The Twizy Vmax90 drives at 90 km /h ten kilometers per hour faster than its serial brother, so that the electric vehicle is no longer a pure victim on the expressways of large cities.

The torque increases on request from 57 to 70 Newton meters. The whole thing can be activated with three steps on the accelerator before starting and switched back to normal mode with four. The range should only decrease by six or seven kilometers. The reprogrammed electronics are available for a slim 500 euros. On request, there are also 196 millimeter thick jaws on 16-inch instead of 13-inch rims and matching fenders.

So nobody shouldsay the tuning industry is no longer creative. There are no clear trends to be seen this year, at least in the case of cars, uniformity prevails, if at all, in humane tuning. In 2013, the natural bust size of the fair girls is definitely out. The trend is towards cup size D and larger. Whether it is just about self-portrayal or the competitive advantage in the acting business, or whether there are deeper intentions behind the lure offers cannot be proven, but die-hard conspiracy theorists are sure that it is no coincidence that the first fair at Gruga 2014 will take place in Wedding fair is.


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