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Torpedo Run 2010: Adventurous Alpine thriller

Torpedo Run
Torpedo Run 2010
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D he Torpedo Run 2010 offered three days of pure power and action - everything with the official okay of the authorities, so that the participants with their rare sports cars and exotic cars on their way from St. Moritz via Turin and St. Tropez to Megève could celebrate a top-class automobile party. This year the sports car event even raged next to the road and under police supervision on the race track.

Challenge Alpine Roads

This year's motto 'The Thrill of the Mountains' ran through like a red thread the entire event. The path led through the curve Eldorado of the high Alps, where there are real challenges away from the tourist streams with narrow serpentines, behind which mostly the abyss lurked. It is the insider tips of the pass roads in combination with spectacular events and the resulting sheer thrill that characterize the Torpedo Run.

Corvette ZR1, Mercedes CLK 63 AMG Black Series, Nissan GT-R, Aston Martin as well as Ferrari and Lamborghini - this selection of vehicles already makes the hearts of car enthusiasts beat faster at the Torpedo Run. Instead of gathering dust in the showroom, top-class athletes drove through the Alps over the snow line and in the most beautiful sunshine on a racetrack in southern France that was rented especially for the Torpedo Run.

For refreshment, there were real gourmet highlights of the highest every day decorated chefs with regional influences on the program - another important domain of the Torpedo Run, which combines the most diverse aspects into a unique tour.

Action off the beaten track

The torpedo runners definitely have petrol in their blood. Where the roads end in the mountains, the fun really started with quad biking. The power packs with the thick tires offered absolute driving fun and action in difficult natural conditions. On a one-hour tour, the torpedo runners went into the middle of the wilderness, crossed rivers, climbed slopes and drove at speed over dusty slopes before the entourage returned to the winding asphalt belts through the Alps.

The Torpedo Run went further to extremes. The scenario for the 'Flying Fox' in the middle of the French Alps: A zip line at a height of 200 meters that rushes steeply down to the other side of a valley. That was the beginning; because on the way back the participants had to climb a ramp into thePlunge the gorge and let it fall into the depths.

The wildest part of the Alps in France is one of the most impressive and largest undertakings a real sports car driver can undertake. An alpine highlight in the truest sense of the word: the 2,802 meter high Col de la Bonette as the highest paved alpine pass, which is only open about three months a year and is an accolade for alpine cyclists. Hard physical work in bright sunshine: Accelerate, decelerate, shift, accelerate. Not quite at the top of the pass, the snow piled left and right next to the cleared road.

Sharp party, sharp curves

On the other hand, it was hot later in St. Tropez too. In the legendary nightclub 'Les Caves du Roy', where celebrities such as Naomi Campbell, George Clooney, Paris Hilton and Mick Jagger have already been guests, the torpedo runners celebrated their summit attack.

Aroused real emotions and adrenaline rushes in bright sunshine in the south of France the Circuit du Grand Sambuc, a race track embedded in hills. The free driving offered a pure motorsport feeling. Without any speed limit, the torpedo runners could really let it rip with their sports cars on the cordoned off area. Even the French police, who came by to check, could not escape the fascination of the supercars. A policeman was enjoying himself as a passenger on the racetrack while his colleague pulled out the laser pistol and determined the top speed for the torpedo runners on the 800-meter straight.

In the evening, the convoy reached the one in the Savoy Alps Nobel location Megève, to celebrate the end of the Torpedo Run in a fitting and exclusive way with a gala dinner. And after the successful 2010 event, plans for 2011 were forged. Because in the coming year a top-class auto festival is to be celebrated again.


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