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Tops and Flops series: bestsellers and slow-moving goods

Arturo Rivas
Tops and flops of the September series
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D he bestseller in the Audi model range is also after nine months unchallenged the A4. So far, the Ingolstadt-based company has been able to sell 44,575 mid-range vehicles. The A3 has almost 39,000 units, the A6 around 33,000 units. The Audi R8, of which 476 vehicles have been sold so far, contributes a small but fine return.

The weighting is a little different with the Bavarian rival BMW. As a member of the upper middle class, the BMW 5 Series ensures the best sales. The 5 Series has so far produced 46,344 units, but the 3 Series is only slightly behind with 45,363. The BMW 6 Series promises its buyers special exclusivity, as only 1,183 vehicles of this type were sold in the first nine months.

Citroen C6 remains exclusive, Ducato leather Panda and 500

In completely different dimensions, for example, Citroen has to reckon. Here the C4 achieved 13,103 sales as a best seller. The minority program among the French drives the C6, 56 of which were sold in 2011.

We look at Fiat: The small car specialist sold 17,407 Punto - bestsellers. Of the Croma, which had not been offered for a long time, 85 models found their way onto the German market. Remarkable: The Italians also sell a large number of Ducato, which with 13,494 units even leaves the Fiat 500 and Fiat Panda behind.

Clear conditions again at Ford. The compact and small car class makes the bulk . The best sellers are the Focus and the Fiesta. Fusion, which is about to be replaced, leads a shadowy existence. We leave the transit as a commercial vehicle on the outside.

Mazda balanced, C-Class pushes Mercedes

The compact class also brings the crowd at Hyundai. The i30 went over 26,000 times over the counter. By contrast, only 394 models of the ix55 SUV have so far been sold. Mazda is pretty balanced. The top seller is the Mazda 3 with 8,773 units, the other volume series fluctuate around 7,000. Only the limited Mazda CX-9 only has 87 models sold.

At Mercedes, the C-Class is the volume model. 57,610 units clearly secure the bestseller place in the range. A-class, B-class and E-class also make a lot of weight. The luxurious CL-Class, on the other hand, only has 322 units,even the SLS AMG is significantly higher with 870 models.

Mégane is the Renault bestseller, which with 22,518 models is clearly ahead of the Clio and Scénic, each with almost 15,500 units. The most exclusive model turns out to be the Renault Latitude, of which only 149 units have been newly registered.

You can find an overview of the manufacturers' best and worst-selling series in our photo show.


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