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Tops and flops of the series: bestsellers and sales midgets

Arturo Rivas
Tops and flops of the January 2012 series
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D he car year 2012 is still young, Nevertheless, even after just one completed month of sales, we want to take a look at the manufacturer's track record in terms of model series.

At Audi, the A6 /A7 series are already taking the lead, while the Audi R8 super sports car is only homeopathic in 2012 Cans over the counter. The Audi A4 even lags behind the A3.

Daihatsu and Ferrari almost on par

A similar picture shows also with competitor BMW. The 5 series achieved the greatest sales success. Just behind it comes the 1 and only then the 3. The BMW X6, which is about to undergo a facelift, is still hesitant. C3 and C4 are the bestsellers at Citroen, Chevrolet makes its quota through the Spark.

And what do a Daihatsu Sirion and a Ferrari 458 have in common? The sales numbers, almost at least. The little Japanese was sold 32 times in January, the Italian sports car 31 times. The Focus at Ford and the 500 at Fiat make significantly larger quantities. The bestseller at Honda is still called Jazz. The i30 and i10 are particularly popular at Hyundai, but the ix35 also delivers decent sales figures.

Mercedes sales in Germany in January will be driven by the C-Class and the new B-Class. Qashqai and Micra are the best-sellers at Nissan. And at Opel, the Astra gets the coals out of the fire. In January Peugeot was able to sell almost as many models of the small car 107 as Porsche did of the 911. At Renault, the success is spread over broad shoulders. Six series are almost tied, but the Megane is just ahead. The best-selling Toyota is still the Yaris. The absolute bestseller VW Golf continues to float in its very own world.

You can find an overview of the manufacturers' best and worst-selling series in our photo show.


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