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Tops and flops from the auto show: great and glump from Geneva

Geneva Auto Salon 2020
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P S-limber and SUV galore, an old one Brand without a new car and lots of exotic cars, of which laypeople hardly know the name - that is the Geneva Motor Show 2015. The noticeably large number of sports cars often inspire car fans with their successful design. Bentley's two-seater study, for example, is likely to have won the editorial-internal beauty contest.

Striking: Alternative drives hardly play a role, fuel-saving models are not pushed onto the ramp - after all, the (low) fuel consumption is prominently mentioned in almost every innovation. Even with the revision of the W12 in the Bentley Continental GT, Wolfgang Dürheimer proudly speaks of 5% less fuel consumption. The industry has internalized the ecological conscience at least communicatively.

Many SUVs and little Borgward

That Borgward itself had granted a booth to show a big logo and an old Isabella, most of the colleagues found it rather wrong. It could be that the old brand is gaining little sympathy even with a new car that is supposed to be at the IAA.

On the other hand, the SUV glut at this spring fair has met with a rather mixed response. As is so often the case: tastes are different and it is difficult to argue about them. Every editor has his own personal high and low lights. You can see which ones in our picture gallery.


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