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Tops & amp; The editors' flops: With Cross, Bio and 900 HP to Paris

Patrick Christian Kriz
Tops & Flops from the editorial team
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N Another week until the Paris Motor Show. But the tops and flops are neither characterized by gossip about new studies nor by exciting reports about new models. Okay, occasionally maybe, but the nightly (night) dreams in the past week must have revolved around the topic of 'Cross': VW Cross Caddy, Volvo V40 Cross Country or the Amarok, which doesn't have the Cross in its name but embodies it most clearly. Apropos Amarok: Just like the Cross Caddy, it is at the IAA Commercial Vehicles, which opened this week in Hanover and closes its doors again on September 27, 2012. You can read about all the new products with us.

Three flops with one stone

If you prefer a visit If you want to venture out to the Paris Motor Show (29.09. - 14.10.12), you can take a Chevrolet Malibu, fill it up with E10 biofuel and be warned of fixed speed cameras by a flash warning app on the way. Then he killed three birds, uh flops, with one stone. It would of course be fatal and expensive to overlook the mobile clippers. Important: Please do not be frightened by the warning tone of the (illegitimate) app, step on the brakes and provoke an accident at the same time. For some politicians, that would not fit into public relations at all.

Those who prefer to get to their goals particularly quickly should find out more about the new McLaren P1. The thoroughbred sports car from England provides you with 900 hp. Anyone who comes too late is to blame or was ... but we already had the subject. For even wealthier car fans, there is the Porsche Cayenne from tuner Merdad. A family usually fits into the original Porsche SUV. But two doors were lost and the price rose to just under half a million euros. There is no more money left for a family.

All for one - one for all!

There it is best to listen to your colleague Baumann and get the special edition of the T5 in white with a black roof. All colleagues, friends and family are simply packed in the back, the tank is filled with diesel and off it goes to Paris, the city of love - the love of the automobile.

What the editorial team This week has moved anything else, check out ourbig photo show.


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