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Tops & amp; The editors' flops: toy story and fizzy drink

Tops & Flops from the editorial team
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A n we have the phrase' people with a migration background ' used to us now. However, the migration background must obviously also be taken into account in the tuning area. Sports colleague GrĂ¼ner reports from Japan that spoilers are not the same as spoilers and that the philosophical approaches to refinement are strongly nationally colored. Zen tuning is not just Teutonic grille. Must be like that in a country where gas stations are growing out of the sky.

Japan is currently worth even more than a look. Toyota celebrates its anniversary. 75 years ago looms were made - always better and more effective. At some point you got into the car and got better and more effective here too. Today the Japanese are at the top of the world and have served us automotive highlights over the decades.

With power from the shower break

Super Seb is currently preparing for his third highlight. No, not the one from Alsace who won his ninth World Rally Championship title so en passant, but our man from Heppenheim. We always knew it: Red Bull gives you wings. Vettel probably got the full boom during the summer break and is now ironing all of the F1 competition. Long live the vital shower, it rushes to the title. We'll drink with you.

At Mercedes, on the other hand, people are afraid of side effects, although they naturally continue to strive for a good climate. R1234yf is the name of the bad drink that can lead to hot experiences. So back out of the air conditioning and back to good old R134a. It may be harmful to the climate, but not flammable. Somebody or something has to die a death. At Toyota and Honda, this affects millions of window regulators. All victims of the common parts strategy. A little water over it and nothing works anymore. Death by short circuit - bitter but true.


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