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Tops & amp; The editors' flops: tick, tick, tick and the sharp R

Holger Wittich
Tops & Flops from the editorial team
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B in wine, the finish is an unmistakable sign for you They say quality. If it leaves an unpleasant aftertaste it is over with the love of the lovely, the bitter ... BMW has now given the 3 Series a daring finish. In Munich, the hatchback with a large tailgate, long extinct in many classes, is called 'Gran Turismo' - ready for the long journey, the great taste experience. Obviously, the travel Bavarian does not necessarily meet the taste of some colleagues and some readers. It won't matter white-blue, there was also skepticism with the 5 Series and it has long been well seasoned and established in the market and in life.

Per power-ledge to the grand finale

' Life is live 'once sounded the formation Opus, no is live when auto motor und sport goes into ticker mode. In Jerez the wires glow when Grüner and Schmidt provide those who have stayed behind with times, facts and information in real time. It doesn't matter if the Internet is weak in Spain. If necessary, you can also use SMS in power mode. However, the fact that the back office is really getting going is another matter. It doesn't matter, it is ticked up to the bitter finish.

Aftertaste for the VW Golf R Cabrio

There it is again the little word with the negative prefix. Let's do it like the sommeliers and think more about finals. VW thought that too and launched the currently most powerful VW Golf on the market. 265 hp were packed under the hood and there was no fixed roof. Then the child was given the name Golf R Cabrio, but without all-wheel drive, because it did not fit under the old convertible body. A high-octane swan song for the Golf VI. And because the Scirocco-Golf-Cabrio mix is ​​expected to be highly valued, the added value should also be high. Accordingly, the basic price is over 43,000 euros. We're back to the aftertaste, and in this case it might be bitter for many.


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