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Tops & amp; The editor's flops: rolling palace and green imagination

Tops & Flops from the editorial team
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D It is the greatest passion of Germany - football - and of Germany dearest child - the car - are enjoying a lot of attention these days. On the one hand, because the European soccer champions for the next four years will be determined in Poland and Ukraine, on the other hand, because many fans enjoy their favorite team's victory primarily in one place: their car. When this type of football fan comes together as a collective to roar through the city centers with waving flags and constant horns, many editorial colleagues do not always understand it.

One reason for this: the memory of the collective whining about the exorbitant fuel prices not that long ago. Somehow that doesn't fit together, after all, during a parade through the city center, a not inconsiderable amount of fuel runs through the combustion chambers of the engines. Another reason: it sucks. Clogged or blocked streets, filled with screaming fans hitting the horn in joyous frenzy, are simply not for everyone and even take on almost autistic forms for a colleague. At this point it should also be said that a motorcade like this is always better than hordes of fans on bloody riot tours Going on vacation of your own apartment

The Morelo Palace 90 M. has also received attention in the past few days . With one engine, four wheels and luxurious equipment, things look different. The luxury mobile home knows how to convince the editorial staff that we would like to go on vacation with the rolling palace - if Lotto could spit out at least 177,000 euros at the weekend.

Future buyers of a Smart Fortwo Electric Drive could also get a cash injection use. With a basic price of 23,680 euros, the E-Smart is almost twice as expensive as the combustion version with the comparable equipment. Compared to the cheapest smart gasoline engine (from 10,275 euros), the price premium is around 130 percent. If you prefer to spend less, you can forego the purchase of the € 4,800 drive battery and rent it for € 65 a month instead. Investing that much money in an environmentally friendly car is no fun - thenbut rather burn fuel during the parade.

You can see what else the editors have moved this week in the large photo show.


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