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Tops & amp; The editors' flops: pomp, swank and prose

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W ├╝stensturm was hot on the weekend, and some took it quite literally. Above all Sebastian Vettel, who punched a grim knife-between-the-teeth race on the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix track. From the very back to the podium, that is the stuff world champions are carved out of. And even if the nickname Super-Seb is already used elsewhere, it definitely deserves it.

All too exuberant jubilation and frivolous demeanor was, however, prohibited in the Sheikh Empire. Winning champagne is just as undesirable as the beer afterwards. Even the grid girls only did their job in modest, high-necked dress. In black, which does not seem clever considering the local temperatures, but corresponds to the typical interpretation of logic. However, all of this left one cold as usual: The 'Iceman' put in a flawless race with his Nordic by nature style and achieved his best result of the season. It was enough for a secret sip of cold barley juice. The man will never advertise dandruff shampoo, colleague Wittich is certain.

Swear and sulk

Let's go back the desert and look around at home. The one swarms, the other sulks: GM Vice Steve Girsky covered Auto-Deutschland with a broad side of rich business cunning this week, no wonder, the man has experience in the investment industry. Only half understood? Never mind, the main thing is that it sounded significant. In the meantime, Seehofer pisses in Bavaria - he wants his toll, and that immediately. What he actually wants to do with all the dough - after all, we are all paying quite a lot for maintaining and expanding the road network - he has not yet given a conclusive explanation.

Cars? Yes, there were also a lot this week. Many of them fall into the SUV category, because the registration numbers have been published. With the off-roaders the tills ring, with other model series the dealers need tear glasses. But there are also delicious sandwiches on this side of the asphalt, as colleague Gerhardt thinks. Because very pragmatically he would put a panda next to the SLS Black Series, which certainly not every buyer of one of the two automobiles will think so.

Instead, Panda and SLS buyers only become after the purchase decisionstart bargaining once. Nobody walks through the door of a dealership today without a 'decent' discount, right? In view of the rampant discount war, however, many in the editorial team simply want what they know from retail: realistic fixed prices.


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