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Tops & amp; The editors' flops: Of grave lights and megalomania

Dino Eisele
Tops & Flops from the editorial team
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S something is easy: under this cryptic motto of Not-quite-flyweight Ottfried Fischer one could also deal with some of the novelties of the past week. For example, a manufacturer that is preparing to make the world happy with the 'first super SUV' can be sure of a large bucket of ridicule and malice from the editorial staff. Life is not a pony farm.

The fact that, in addition to this full-bodied announcement, the naming for the 'super SUV' also seems rather grotesque, is something we are used to. Elsewhere, modern made-up word creations don't necessarily sound better, even if colleague Wittich suspects that someone from the creative department has been sniffing the grave light for too long.

Our Minister of Transport, on the other hand, has his finger on the pulse, he thinks at least . Because shortly the citizens should be able to have a say. On the Internet. To the point reform. Clever marketing idea or panic of the pirates? We will find out at the end of May what we really should think of it, when the Citizenship Project is closed again and Planet Berlin drifts away at the usual distance from the people.

And marmot greets you every day

If we quote Ottfried Fischer at the beginning, there is also room for Bill Murray as an eternal return. A role that he seems to share with one or the other automaker. Because Mini and Bugatti in particular are making the world happy again this week with some new endless loop versions. You can like it, but you don't have to. In any case, his colleague Dralle is already thinking about a doctor's visit, he doesn't get that much excitement.

That black lines will soon be erased on the asphalt not only in Formula 1, but also in the DTM and the endurance championship The editors, on the other hand, are delighted across the board. Especially the comeback of Quick-Nick Heidfeld, who will be doing his laps full-time in the future.

Rebirth of a legend

Another case for the racetrack is the bolide that our Erlkönig photographer shot down this week. The successor to the legendary McLaren F1 should fire a good 900 hp into the Olympus of super sports cars. Well-heeled customers will be able to celebrate the performance explosion side by side in the future, because the principleMiddle seat is history. Joy? Not for everyone.

You can see what else has moved the editorial team this week in the large photo show.


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