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Tops & amp; The editor's flops: goddesses and scary stories

Oliver Schultheiss
Tops & Flops from the editorial team
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K is that you? The woman was at the hairdresser's and you didn't notice. Reason for a moderate earthquake and relationship crisis, outcome uncertain. In the auto industry, however, the same is common. A fog light is reshaped and an additional rib is pulled into the radiator grille, and the facelift is done. Hardly anyone recognizes, but costs a lot. Seen in this way, one can congratulate Mercedes, because the GLK facelift is actually one. Visually a clear gain, which in view of the predecessor was not an unsolvable task, as some editors find.

We can do everything, except cheap

We can do anything except cheap. Many manufacturers have made this motto their motto. But that applies primarily to the first world. Because emerging countries, in which distance radar and drowsiness assistant are rarely requested features, want to delight two companies with their own cheap brand in the future. Volkswagen wants to offer a small car for 5,000 euros, Nissan is taking the Datsun brand out of the moth box to fish in the same segment. Not with us, of course, because Germans like to pay premium prices. Or? The editors are divided on the topic.

Obscene and beautiful

In contrast, there is agreement in motorists in Germany the obscene fuel prices. A new study, commissioned by the 'Greens' of all people, reveals little that is surprising - we pay too much, there is no competition. Nice that we talked about it. After all, little will change after this groundbreaking discovery, as the state earns a lot on every cent of the price of fuel through the value added tax and mineral oil tax. At best, the indignant lamentations of our representatives have entertainment potential. And even that only provokes a tired yawn from many a commentator this week.

So we prefer to do a few nice things. From Citroen, for example, where a new concept is to build on old times. Futuristic design and pioneering technology in the 'goddess' DS are still present 57 years after its premiere. The successor is presented in bits and pieces, now in the form of the DS Number 9 concept. Citroen accidentally put it in the largest square in the centerparked by Paris to have his picture taken. Another form of guerrilla marketing. But it doesn't matter, the DS9 is definitely an eye-catcher.

It has not yet been decided whether one should react with envy or pity to colleague GrĂ¼ner's weather reports from Malaysia. It is clear, however, that our racing reporter has a weakness for bizarre rental cars, otherwise the regular anecdotes of distant race tracks cannot be interpreted. Bizarre - keyword for a patent sketch from a renowned Swabian company that has now appeared. None of us had thought of a four-door gullwing before. Consistent opinion in the editorial team: Better not to think about it.

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