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Tops & amp; The editors' flops: from the girl's car to the soon-to-be-30s

Werner Eisele
Tops & Flops from the editorial team
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D he 30th birthday - the younger ones are feverishly pointing out this , no idea why, those who have already crossed this limit sometimes longingly think back to it. Do not know why. The 30th is also important for cars, as it marks the turn from a disdainful mobility partner to a recognized automotive cultural asset that is ennobled with an H mark. And everything that will turn 30 this year - for my year, numerous models that have accompanied the start of automotive life. Strike, lean back and enjoy the classic car. You should do too !. How so? No idea.

And if the fever has ever hit you, take a man's car right away, like the one your father's disreputable acquaintance drove back then and always blasphemed about papa around the back while mom was behind him checked the curtain. The car, of course.

Loeb song for mini-girls

Why? Because there are already enough girls' cars. If you believe colleague Seibt, one of them has just won the Dakar. In front of a man's car. Sebastien Loeb impressively demonstrated how real guys win on the Monte. Ok, VW had a great debut with the Polo WRC. The Loeb counterattack, however, came without a trace and mercilessly. Polo time is coming, certainly, also because Loeb only drives part-time.

Timo Glock, on the other hand, changes saddles completely and now finally has a roof over his head. Out of the Russian M-racer into the Bavarian M-Renner. Glock wish! How so? Because Timo is just a likeable guy and happens to be 30 - the best basis for an upcoming classic.


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