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Tops & amp; The editors' flops: delicious sofa and pizza curtains

Tops & Flops from the editorial team
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J a, does it always have to be an SUV? Somehow yes - luxury manufacturers like Bentley, Maserati and Lamborghini now also think so. Perhaps the British royal family really wants to hit the mud in a Bentley. Perhaps the Italian sports car luminaries have fed up with the asphalt that is close to the car and are trying to get more air between the vehicle and the road. Or maybe they just want a piece of the big, juicy SUV cake. However, it will not be a sure-fire success. The editors recommend: A well-thought-out advertising strategy.

The SUV newbies can see how this works during the Super Bowl commercial breaks. An outstanding commercial will chase the next: Toyota invents the pizza curtain and what is probably the most delicious sofa in the world, Jerry Seinfeld fights with Jay Leno, a Hyundai saves lives, Audi puts the undead to flight and VW has a dispute over the elementary ones Question: cute dog or Darth Vader kid? Super Bowl fan or not, the commercials are entertaining - no wonder if 30 seconds cost up to three million, the creative minds are running at full speed.

One time self-irony please!

A touch of self-irony and cult status - the Peel P50 has these ingredients and therefore does not need an expensive advertising campaign. Also because the planned small series comprises only 25 vehicles, the British manufacturer will not have to rent any storage space. But ..., even if you can easily make the 12,500 euros, how do you get into the top 25 on the waiting list? Maybe watch the Acura spot again and learn from Seinfeld and Leno ...


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