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Tops & amp; The editors' flops: constant drooling and thunderbolts

Tops & Flops from the editorial team
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E ifel versus Carinthia: The highly philosophical question of where the Home to more handsome women, this week was a much discussed one. After all, the protagonists appeared practically at the same time and stumbled either around the Nürburgring or the Wörthersee. In any case, the decision of the editorial team was pretty unanimous - bye, GTI.

The ring towers over everything ...

However, the decorative accessories of the legendary 24-hour race were ultimately only visual background noise compared to what was happening on the racetrack. The adrenaline was obviously pumping through extra-thick veins - there is hardly any other explanation for the way in which old master Klaus Ludwig officially took his hat off at the Ring. Fortunately, however, the sporting events prevailed, which left some colleagues' arm hairs upright even days after the horsepower spectacle - where else can you get such a concentrated motor sport to touch and served a free view of a dream car parade of exquisite quality?

On the other hand, the announcement of a new cooperation in the car world, which is certainly not poor in badge engineering, aroused not quite as much enthusiasm. So now Alfa Romeo and Mazda. Will there grow together what doesn't belong together? Opinions are divided. The editorial team is equally divided when it comes to a rather bizarre design draft: is the Jaguar XKK now retinal shock or fascination? We are still thinking. After all, the weird idea of ​​using the airflow as a battery charger sounds very British.

Legends and boredom

On the other hand, the resurrection of one, if not the <, is very French /strong> Sports car legend from our neighboring country. Renault is thinking about reanimating the Alpine label with an appropriate bullet. The first pictures and information from the associated concept car did not only stir the minds in the editorial office, our readers are also divided as to whether they would click 'Like'.

It's great that it is there too There are auto news that lead to instant deep relaxation. Like the new Skoda Rapid. According to some editors, its emotional potential is well below the sound barrier, which is not changed by the cheeky cornering on the race track (again: Nürburgring ...)could.

You can see what else the editorial team has done this week in the large photo show.


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