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Tops & amp; The editors' flops: China nonsense and regular table talk

Tops & Flops from the editorial team
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N After reading this post, check your online Bank account and find out: Exactly 264,180 euros more than in the morning. Do not worry now where the sudden windfall is coming from, but keep dreaming: Nobody owns the money. Nobody will miss it. So what would you do?

Since you are currently on our homepage, which is devoted to everything that has at least four wheels and everything that ranks above pedal force in terms of performance, let's just assume , You would invest the money in a new car. The topics of the past few days provide some interesting ideas for this, the editors still give their opinion in the tops and flops.

Prestige or price hit - that is the question

How about a Dacia Lodgy, for example. It will be on the shelves of Romanians from June 2012 at a competitive price of 9,990 euros. What is there for it? The basic version with seven seats and an 83 hp engine. But if you have over 260,000 euros in your account, you could also choose the Prestige variant completely painlessly. It costs 16,290 euros and comes with a 107-hp diesel, 16-inch rims, parking aid and navigation system. Moment! Not a lot for an extra 6,000 euros.

It can be a little more? The long version of the BMW 3 Series. Fans of the 3 Series, who have always longed for more space in the mid-range sedan, are now served with a version that is eleven centimeters longer. BMW has not yet revealed prices but that only 3 Series fans from China will be able to enjoy the extra-long 3 Series. So, check it off and go on.

Here you can get something for 90,774 euros! An SUV with a 4.8-liter V8 and 400 hp, a roof spoiler and lowering and the ability to accelerate to 100 km /h in 5.7 seconds - a Porsche Cayenne GTS. But a sports SUV? Newly fashionable nonsense!

The upgrade of the week

Then there will probably only be the new Mercedes G-Class for 85,311 euros in question. A cult off-roader, a veteran SUV, angular and powerful. But financially there is still room for improvement. So why not grab the Mercedes G63 AMG? 137,504 euros are easy on the account and an eight-cylinder with biturbo charging, 544 PS and 760 Nm torque - that would be something.

But what to do with themremaining 126,676 euros? Save up? Too stuffy! 7.7763, etc. Buy a Dacia Lodgy Prestige? Too boring! Then you'd better hit it hard and buy the G63 upgrade called G65 AMG. And what's more in there? So far, four cylinders and a little more horsepower - we'll only find out more in the coming week.

You can read about what else has moved the editorial team this week in our large photo show.


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