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Tops & amp; The editors' flops: cars without a roof, without a point, without an exclamation mark

Tops & Flops from the editorial team
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Z has been among the tops & flops in the last few weeks Again and again the trend towards multiple mentions decreases, so this week versatility is announced. The topics are broad.

One or the other car manufacturer is also relying on more variety these days: VW, for example, is coming around the corner with the Alltrack, a higher-level station wagon that should close the niche between station wagons and SUVs. Does such a vehicle even make sense? This question is initially declared unnecessary, but it is clear that the Wolfsburg-based company would have wished for a little more creativity in the naming.

Mega bullshit and holes in the wallet

The Nissan Juke R, which one already does, definitely makes no sense could sometimes be described as mega bullshit turned into an automobile - in a positive sense. Because if you plant a 530 HP GTR engine in a compact SUV just to see how the audience reacts, you deserve applause. and two Chinese manufacturers whose vehicles could not achieve the full number of points in the EuroNCAP crash test. Especially when it comes to child safety, modern cars are no longer allowed to go wrong.

When you look at the current fuel prices, no one has clapped their hands for a long time. When diesel is as expensive as E10-Super, there is a hole in the fun. Unfortunately also the wallet. After all, the Cartel Office seems to have gotten wind of it. Of course, they don't clap their hands either, but they can't do anything and therefore have to put them on their laps.

Set the exclamation point correctly

And yet - for many here in the editorial offices one of the most beautiful things in the world remains: driving! Whether on four, three or two wheels, with or without a roof, vintage or youngtimers, rental cars, test cars or your own car - cruising the road on a sunny afternoon, nobody here says no.

Exclamation marks like those on the rear of the VW Up, yes, because some colleagues are not at all familiar with such marketing jokes. Then rather drive a Skoda Citigo - without an exclamation mark. The punctuation mark, which also symbolizes important facts, should be used at VW rather than the impending lawsuit against the VW law, the divorce dispute with Suzuki and, as already happened,dedicate to the recruitment of rally drivers. It can only seem silly at the rear of a small car.

You can see what else has been occupying our editorial team this week and which other topics have earned an exclamation point in our large photo show.


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