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Tops & amp; The editors' flops: Auto-Anarchy and Schnibbel-Yeti

Tops & Flops from the editorial team
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E s could go as much if you could as you wanted . This also applies to the automotive sector. The Czech supplier BT usually makes in plastic. Because you wanted to show what else you can do, a Yeti was quickly docked and converted into a pickup. We would say a successful cut. Skoda - please build.

BMW M GmbH has already built extremely limited special models of the M3 and M5. In addition to the M, there is also the M Performance label. The only catch: the M&M BMW only go to the UK. Some start to cry, others see it as just a skilful marketing attempt by Bavaria.

Schumi opportunity and sparkling ideas

Michael Schumacher could now contribute a lot in self-marketing to the GP in Canada. In his 'The best or nothing' company car, the old master is definitely a favorite for the Montreal victory. Schumi give rubber, but stay away from the 'wall of masters'.

Colleague Seibt, on the other hand, lives his long-distance pain with his new homestyle folding camping trailer, but only after he has been through another round of government madness has indulged. The hype surrounding the new Mercedes A-Class could also be described as crazy. Some in the editorial team assume that it will hit like a bomb. Well, if that doesn't cause a misfire! Mazda's idea to install a compressor in the MX-5 also sparked off - only for the trade fair and only as a test balloon. Could maybe go on sale anyway, maybe! Well, so much could go if you were allowed to as you wanted.

You can see what else has moved the editorial team this week in the large photo show.


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