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Tops & amp; The editors' flops: Adam Ohhh, Fan-See and Gym-Was?

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R is set at Opel. Stracke resigns, Girsky comes and in the model portfolio you go back to Adam and E ... - no. Just Adam. Adam ohhhhhhh - it flows from the mouths of many colleagues. The design and the concept inspire - the possible pricing less so. Will Adam be able to shovel enough meat on Opel's ribs so that the brand can cut a few more slices of success from it? We will see.

The latest block entry in the Gymkhana series is just for the eye. Gym what? (A motorsport variant developed in the 1960s in which the driver has to drive through a course as quickly as possible - thanks Wiki) This time Ken with the hat is flying through San Francisco that even Steve McQueen would go green with envy with his Bullitt appearance.

At De Tomaso and nothing works at Silverstone

On the other hand, there was nothing to see for the British Formula 1 fans during Saturday practice at Silverstone. Those who did not come by boat had to capitulate or sink into the lake landscape. No, that wasn't a surprise, it's always like that at Silverstone. Strange, the British have a gigantic parking lot in front of every supermarket, just not at the 'Home of Motorsports'.

Nothing works anymore, that's what De Tomaso says again. Was the Pantera a great car - and what came next. Mismanagement and half-baked car projects. Now the Italians are broke again. So broke and ready for the future that even the Chinese, who were otherwise willing to invest, backed off. Maybe it's time for a real reset and a new start with Adam and Eve ... But others have their fingers on it.

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