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Tops & amp; The editors' failure: double sport and mixed birth

David LaChapelle, Maybach
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S You did it - the Japanese. You have left the eco wave and rediscovered driving pleasure. And that in a double pack. With the GT 86 and BRZ, they want to open up the market for affordable sports cars - as far as the editors are concerned, the signs are extremely good for it.

The Daimler Group has obviously misunderstood the signs of the times. Schrempp had the Maybach laid on keel as a pimped S-Class for the super-super-rich. Now the Maybach airship has flooded. Even the super-super-rich can't turn everything on.

Crucial centimeters and special menus

Another air number, on the other hand, would definitely have a chance of success. Once again it's about the crucial extra centimeters. No, not a man's business. Aerodynamic optimizations could save huge amounts of fuel and CO2 in the truck sector. For this, however, the legislature would have to optimize the specifications for the total vehicle length - but nothing is happening on this front - they prefer to rely on 25-meter gigaliners. Great cinema.

The Essen Motor Show delivered a rather dirty program. There is talk of horror show and esoteric circle of chairs. There is a lack of exhibitors and attractions, while catchphrases such as mullet and manta, manta are popping up again. Meals on wheels are threatened to be removed from the menu.

Volkswagen has prepared a completely different menu with the Cross Coupé. As is so often the case, the Wolfsburgers are late and the mix on offer is polarized - extremely. But anyone who knows Lower Saxony knows that the chopped Tiguan will also make its way - cross and straight through the competition.

You can read in the large photo show what else has moved the editorial team this week.


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