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Tops & amp; The editors' failure: daring combinations and wild pairings

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I n spring, nature awakens, the spirits awaken, the mating instincts stir. It's about the conservation of the species - actually. Mutations can, however, also produce variations - in theory.

In the automotive industry, too, there is a lot of work being done and what goes together does not always come together. The Lord of the Rings now also have two-wheelers in their range. Group patriarch Ferdinand Piech chased the Ducati motorcycle brand for 33 years. Now the time was right and the Italians were swallowed up. What can we expect from it? No idea? Direct injection Ducatis? Audis with desmodromics?

Let's stay in the group, but move one brand further. Lamborghini. In the beginning there were agricultural machines, tractors, then sports cars were built, now - what a surprise - a SUV called Urus will follow. So the circle closes again. Back to the rural clod.

For mating please

The marriage Daimler /Renault also has a first child produced - the Mercedes Citan. The insider immediately recognizes the French in Swabia, the marketing in Stuttgart sees everything fading behind the star. What was it like in advertising back then, didn't a rhinoceros climb a kangoo?

But the Swabians can also do very different things. They call the near-series CLA study the Styling Concept Coupé. It turned out pretty - but the concept 'bigger-than-the C-Class-but-with-front-wheel drive' has to explain the marketing to us even more impressively. There is nothing to gloss over with the new AMG models of the G-Class. Over 260,000 euros for an off-harvester with rigid axles and ladder frame with 612 hp that swallows an average of 17 liters and is only allowed to run at 230 km /h - the Middle East and Eastern Europe were definitely in focus. The V12 is even withheld from the US market.

Wrong time, wrong place

Arrived at the very top the Swabians are finally in Formula 1. Rosberg wins for the first time, the Silver Arrows for the first time after 57 years. It is about time when you write the claim 'The best or nothing' on the flag. However, there was nothing to get for Schumi again. The man just always takes a wheel off at the wrong time.

One could do something similaralmost claim by our authorities. The HU is being reformed, but according to a different schedule in each federal state. Glue back here, not there. The price is collected at will, sometimes like that. So the customer has to look carefully and choose if he has the perspective and the opportunity.

Make an impression at the recycling center

Colleague Dralle also played through various options when he was confronted with the task of clearing out his cellar. Power station wagon, India-Benz truck, off-road motorhome or turbo SUV? The decision was postponed, as was the clearing-out program. However, various insights have matured as to how you can make big pants in the recycling yard.

That brings us back to the beautiful things like the Citroen DS9 - if it is allowed to come - and the face-lifted Aston Martin DB9 . A beautiful car that becomes even more beautiful. After all, top models also put on make-up.

You can see what else has moved the editorial team this week in the large photo show.


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