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Tops & amp; The editors fail: GLA-Mour and Peak-fein Monster

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A uf A usually follows B. Not so with Mercedes. B was allowed to submit, A extended and with GLA, the new compact car strategy is on the sidelines and upwards - basically A to the power of 2. But the new GLA shouldn't really hit the undergrowth, just breaking out of everyday life is enough. It is enough to feel like you could if you really wanted to and take the next curb in your shirt-sleeves - urban cowboys who stamp their adventure on the urban jungle. What of the mica of the Shanghai study can ultimately still glow in the series? We will see. Also how the new Mercedes GLA will fare in the SUV environment.

The fans are already looking forward to the next summit on Pikes Peak. When thousands of horsepower race up into the sky again, Super Seb Loeb will be there in 2013. 800 PS packed in a wing monster are supposed to carry the Alsatian to the clouds at record speed. Anything else would be the summit after all!

Asphalt animals and sun worshipers

A certain tip can also be attributed to the 'Last Help Set' by a Hamburg artist . The 35 euro package is intended to promise a dignified final rest to run over animals. Scraped off, bagged and buried with dignity. This is the philosophy behind the carcass disposal bag and the birch bark cross.

Would, would, would? The subjunctive for expected summer has had its day. It is there - actually. Convertibles leave their dark caves, seasonal license plate drivers swing the dust frond. Who cares whether the Bugatti Veyron is actually the fastest or not, whether the world's most powerful construction machines meet at BAUMA in Munich, or whether a sack of rice falls over in China? Stop, China is clearly interested, as the Shanghai Auto Show attracts with the - exactly - Mercedes GLA!


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