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Tops & amp; The editorial team's flops: middle fingers and broken dreams

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M an will probably still be able to dream, speaks It comes out of the office of our CvD and a soap bubble floats down the editorial corridor: the turbo three-liter in-line six from the 1 Series M 135i and the new A-Class merge with one another. In the sun of reality, however, it is the soap bubble that melts.

Give me a piece of forest and a gravel pit!

It's good that the next one is already around the corner: plop, and we see our colleagues Swivel and Balloon in the Jeep Mighty FC Concept, how they make wild pieces of forest unsafe, then plowed, uh, neatly plowed into the next gravel pit fall. $ 12,500 - the front axle alone costs for the study! Our chief reporter still has to save a bit and can deduct another 33 euros from his account - that's how much a kilometer driven too fast in Switzerland costs him. 1 kilometer! Un, een, one, jedan, yksi, bir - comprendre? Neither do we.

Soap bubble SUV, desire to buy and checkbook frustration

Eyes back on the editorial floor: External soap bubble from Peugeot crosses around the corner. A 208 in SUV format rolls around inside. Wittich rushes off, holds out his hand, wants to burst the shimmering bubble, I fall behind, want to stop the CvD with a jump, save the small SUV! How things will actually go on with the 208 is entirely up to Peugeot - the editorial team is already busy with their own dreams.

We're at the Retro Classics classic car fair - and gawking. We're looking at the checkbook - and looking stupidly out of the laundry: Null, nocht, dim, zero, naid, efes - comprendre? So do we, unfortunately. I still board a Fiat 500. Checkbook? Iwo, I start the welding app on my smartphone and set about locking the door forever.

Grumbling green, racing driver- Students

Pop! My colleague Grüner pulls me out of my daydreams, grumbles about a 14 hour flight, strike and missing luggage. GP Australia and GP Malaysia made him feel good, not to mention the trip home. After venting his frustration, Vettel's frustration is the topic on the radio: Was he right to be so angry? Did he move left too early, or pulled Karthikeyan too far to the right? In any case, one thing is clear: we prefer thatVictory finger instead of the extended middle finger.

What does colleague Rose want to see? Green hell or colorful racing cars? Preferably both. And his wish does not even make himself comfortable in a soap bubble, because the VLN season opener is already on Saturday. The FH Köln Motorsport racing team competes with an Audi TT RS - and many a colleague asks himself why he was never enrolled in the ultimate degree in vehicle technology in Cologne. And plop, the next soap bubble is forming again.

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