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Tops & amp; The editorial team's flops: air numbers, or what's next?

Tops & Flops from the editorial team
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W he, how, what, why, why, why - who dont asks stays dump! This causal chain has already given us the legendary Sesame Street on our way through life. Question after question - and this week, too, did not give us any reasonable answers. The Opel automakers, who have already been counted several times, now believe they have found the philosopher's stone. You have to invest in the product. In Adam, in Gläm, Jäm, in Günther, in Kevin, ...... Aha! Well, hopefully there is still enough time and hopefully the customer will then also invest in the product. Alternatively, you could ask Bundes-Jogi. Lotus is also seriously threatened. No boss, no money, but tons of great car ideas. Maybe Saab savior Victor Muller could put his healing hands on here? Saab - it has become quiet about the Swedes. The matter is on hold, rests in itself and hopes for the future.

Coupled deals with and without prospects of success

The designers at Lazzarini also have no money but hope for the future. The V8 from the Ferrari 458 Italia has already been virtually married to the Fiat 500, now the bride is only looking for a partner with a large dowry. One step further are the men of Tauro. The Spaniards paired the old Opel GT with a GM V8 - respect, but others had this idea much earlier, just not GM /Opel themselves.

Porsche shows how it works again, you dig it old Targa bar for the new 911 out again - guaranteed to be a success story. Daimler also sells special G models successfully, but only to special customers - namely those in uniform. Obviously, Mercedes is backing down with the small athlete SLC. Too expensive and therefore postponed or even canceled. The men at BMW, on the other hand, could use a little kick. Show a Z4 Zagato, stir up the emotions of the customers and then refer to the status 'unique'. Not like that, gentlemen. Perhaps you should ask yourself: Who, how, what, why, why, why?

You can see what else has moved the editorial team this week in the large photo show.


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