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Tops & amp; The editorial team's flops: Agriculture Week and Father's Day

Hardy Mutschler
Tops & Flops from the editorial team
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S Do you like grass? Yes, then you should visit your Honda dealer. No, not the one for the cars, but the one for the so-called power equipment - lawnmowers and stuff - preferably in Great Britain. Ask about the Mean Mower, it's a very special ride-on mower. Conceived as a marketing idea, 109 four-stroke hp ensure rapid propulsion. 210 km /h should be in there, you can mow up to 25 km /h. This gives lawn a whole new meaning.

Total deceleration is the order of the day when it comes to moving a tractor on the move. The distance: 130 km. The speed: 25 km /h. The time: around 6 hours. The roof is completely open, the 3.3-liter diesel dominates the acoustically the scenery. Driving a convertible has never been more intense. Road users honking their horns and gesticulating wildly do not matter, they drip off like flies on the windshield. Almost 3 tons on the move allow you to rest in yourself.

The father and the bottle child

On the other hand, there should be no rest in the Ekström family. Son Mattias finally wins at the Norisring and Papa Ekström has nothing better to do than give his son the bottle. Well, that somehow went completely wrong. Son makes the competition wet, Dad makes the son wet. In the end they stood there like a ship on dry land. Can you actually kick fathers out?

Bernie Ecclestone may soon have to deal with the subject of being kicked out. An indictment threatens from Munich and the first scenarios about a Formula 1 without Bernie are already being knitted. Wait, the clever Brit will not be finished that quickly.

British and clever also applies to Range Rover. With the Evoque they already have a successful model on offer, now this is still to be beheaded and start a second career as an SUV convertible. Well that's going to be fun! The colleagues in the Jaguar F-Type obviously had endless fun. The cat has a bite and a sound and walks like the proverbial pig. However, the fun has its price. You know, the best grapes hang high. We'd rather dedicate ourselves to maintaining green spaces and leaving our mark in the garden. Also has something to do with lawn.


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