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Tops & amp; L.A. Auto Show Flops: Fuel Heaven and Hell Car

Tops & Flops of the LA Auto Show
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The contrasts at an auto show could hardly be more blatant. The fuel cell car of the future is making its debut on the left, and on the right is a hellishly powerful combustion engine with over 700 hp and a plentiful thirst for fossil fuel. But still. Both concepts have their appeal - also for the a uto motor und sport editorial colleagues on site.

Looking into the future

The Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat has the key data that make it a super trump card in every car quartet. It also looks really tasty. The colleagues perceive the Toyota Mirai very differently. Its fuel cell drive technology is undoubtedly trend-setting, but the Japanese could go even further when it comes to design in order to become mass-compatible.

Audi has turned the design screw. The Prologue study shows (Marc) Lichte-Momente and where Audi is headed. At Chrysler you can see how better not to do it. The refreshed 300 seems to have succumbed to the botox trend. Somehow overdone.

In our photo show, you can see which models our colleagues at the L.A. Auto Show were still fond of.


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