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Tops & amp; Flops to the Paris Motor Show: A suitcase dream at the blue hour

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P aris is considered the city of fashion, des in good taste and in 2012 also as a metropolis of new cars. The motor show in Paris offered numerous premieres, which obviously did not meet everyone's taste, because some exhibits triggered a wide variety of reactions in the editorial team.

Porsche's suitcase dream

The recognized, successful Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake looks pale in one fell swoop, a colleague sums up the extremely convincing appearance of the Porsche Panamera Sort Turismo. What the Panamera had to listen to because of its rear end, abuse and unpleasant animal comparisons. Everything has changed since Paris. The Panamera makes a station wagon and beauty queen - and very convincing. With the study, Porsche supposedly only wants to sound out the public's interest in other body variants. Hey guys, put away the solder and start manufacturing. Now and not just in 2015.

Tata is already one step further. The Indians breathe life into the British Jaguar /Land Rover so vehemently that it brings tears of joy from your eyes. The new range remains true to itself and its iconic status, but is clearly slimming down. The editorial team has clearly nominated the new F-Type for the Brit Award. Brit-Brit Hooray!

So blue, so blue and everyone has their own Adams costume

Rolling Christmas balls? Candy wrapper? Glitter costume? Electric Drive has a color at Mercedes - blink-blink blue. Regardless of whether it is the B-Class or the SLS AMG super sports car - they are ecologically innocent, pure like glacier water, or what else does the extravagant appearance suggest? In any case, the editorial team seems somehow charged with tension.

Hey, rest, peace man ... Paceman. Small car made big, bonanza image in, two doors out. But even the little one will sell big. Opel relies heavily on Adam. He was given a large cloakroom for this purpose. Felt 367 853.75 possible configurations let everyone find the right costume for their Adam. And with that the bearer of hope fits perfectly to Paris.

You can read in the big photo show which other models could land a hit in the hearts of the editors or only hurt their taste buds.


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