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Tops & amp; Flops of the week (49) - What moved the editorial team

Reinhard Schmid
Tops & Flops of the week (49)
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H atten you ever a black eye ? Yes? And what have you harvested from your environment? Probably nothing but mockery and mockery. You see, you just lack business acumen. Formula 1 Zampano Bernie Ecclestone was the victim of a robbery, abundantly maltreated and badly drawn. He also lost a valuable watch. No need to mop up. The little Brit went on the offensive and approached the watch manufacturer Hublot. Now Bernie Blau-Auge is adorning a newspaper advertisement and that certainly not for free. You can think what you want of Bernie, but he has a nose for making money - that's what his colleagues in the editorial office think.

SLK at the wrong time, 1 Series M Coupé in the wrong paint

Two new cars were also eye-catchers this week - the Mercedes SLK and the BMW 1 Series M Coupé. Suddenly it was there, a minute-long promotional video of the new folding roof convertible from Mercedes. Just like that on the internet. Wikileaks? Maybe Daimler itself? Who cares? The moving pictures showed everything that was important to us journalists and our readers. The colleagues thank whoever.

The new BMW 1 Series top model was ambiguously received by colleagues. 'My new dream car' comes from a corner. 'This rancid red damages the beautiful car,' says another. But those who are willing to spend over 50,000 euros on the athlete will also be able to afford a few additional euros for a special paint. How about silver, white or black? The M would then be fully in line with the global paint trend.

Our sports colleagues give us more colorful impressions from the world of Formula 1 with their travel diaries. Nice to read what men and women experience away from the racetrack. Experiences that are often garnished with stupid sayings by those who stayed at home.

There were even more stupid sayings on the subject of 'How do I interpret a car brand name?'. We were very amused about it.

You can see what else moved the editors in the big photo show.


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