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Tops & amp; Flops of the week (44) - What moved the editorial team

Beate Jeske
Tops & Flops of the week (44)
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I in the 90s he was the one Super trump card in every car quartet. 354 hp, 854 Nm and 350 km /h were the values ​​to be beaten. Values ​​at which any other card simply had to fail - back then. Gerald Wiegert, the father of the Vector W8, also failed. Failed with the dream of rolling up the field of super athletes. Nevertheless, even if the Vector W8 only produced 17 units, it is still pure fascination today. For those in the editorial team who saw him as a trump card in the quartet and those who were only allowed to experience him as part of the sports car history in Motor Klassik. Boahhh Eyyyyy!

Dream cars and dream finals

Other dream cars such as the VW Beetle Pickup or the Alfa Romeo Giulia Shooting Brake only come from the imagination of our computer retoucher Christian Schulte. But here, too, many colleagues would like to: build, and do so immediately!

The new regulation on fines for compulsory winter tires reaps a shake of the head. It is not yet clear which tires meet the requirements of a 'winter tire' or not, but as a preventive measure, the fine for disregard has been doubled. So it's better to just dream of winter and not drive in winter.

The Formula 1 final can also turn into a nightmare for one or the other. Red Bull gives you wings, stable engines or even secure points, but not bubble. It remains to be seen who in Brazil is the best at calculating, tacting or concealing his team orders in the cheapest way. The editorial team wishes everyone involved 'Free Run' - may the better win!

You can see what else has moved the editorial team in the large photo show.


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