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Tops & amp; Flops of the week (37) - What moved the editorial team

Reinhard Schmid
Tops & Flops of the week (37)
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F rankreich. South of Paris. A puffed up Ford Fiesta drifts in loose succession around pylons, through banked curves and around Segway drivers. The US boy Ken Block struck again and produced the Gymkhana 3 video. The younger colleagues in the editorial office are enthusiastic about the skills of the ex-shoe manufacturer. Pure show, say the others. What the Driftboy is really capable of, he regularly shows in the World Rally Championship.

Of engine and license plate changes

Change of scene: Paris again, Ford again. The new Ford Focus will be on the Seine ST presents. Ford took a charismatic cylinder from him and gave it an oversized grille. It remains an attractive option in the hot compact class, but it has to be shown first whether the cooler throat can suck in customers willing to change. Federal Transport Minister Ramsauer has announced the sign of the many possibilities for mid-2011. However, the first drafts of the speaker suggest the worst again. Dictated by the unsuspecting, ignoring the needs of the citizens, the exchange number could become a mega-flop. But what does it mean - hope dies last.

You can see what else has moved the editorial team in the large photo show.


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