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Tops & amp; Flops of the week (25) - What moved the editorial team

Reinhard Schmid
Tops & Flops of the week (25)
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Germany sees black-red-gold - Mercedes bright yellow

W uring Germany continues to drown in the sea of ​​black, red and gold flags, Mercedes is relying exclusively on bright yellow. The signal color should put the Mercedes SLS E-Cell in the right light, because the super sports car is emission-free. 'Zero emissions' does not mean zero driving pleasure. The four electric motors deliver 880 Nm and drive the E-Cell up to 250 km /h. Energy savers should come around 150 kilometers with the wing striker. However, those who feed the SLS to its genetic determination will probably have to adjust to a significantly smaller radius of action.

The comfort Ferrari inspires

Ferrari 458 buyers also have to change because the new Italian super athlete is a master of the balancing act. Unlike many of its predecessors, the 458 can combine comfort, superport and everyday suitability under its aluminum cover. While the 'Squadra Azzurra' has already left the world championship race, the 458 is once again very far ahead in the super sports car world championship.

The super surfer Robby is also out of the current racing business Naish. In contrast, auto motor und sport was allowed to watch in his garage. Wow eyyy! The 'Lord of the boards'. not only owns dozens of surfboards, but also nine exciting cars. Including two sports cars from Stuttgart and a hearse from Detroit.

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