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Tops & amp; Flops of the week (17) - What moved the editorial team

Tops & Flops of the week (18)
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F Enjoy driving, that's what the Bavarian one stands for Car maker for a long time. For some colleagues, however, the joy of saving joins in too, because the new BMW 320d Efficient Dynamic Edition not only impresses with its economical fuel consumption, but also shows that saving fuel does not always have to be at the expense of driving dynamics.

The E-Autogipfel disappointed, LED daytime running light strips lose their shine

On the other hand, the colleagues seem to have looked at LED daytime running light strips. Excessively maintained by Audi in all model series, LEDs have been picked up by many competitors. And the Audi solution has also found many imitators in the retrofit segment. The former innovation is now being ridiculed as an LED garland.

The electric car summit in Berlin was also disappointing. The Chancellor calls for e-cars 'made in Germany', industry research funding and purchase incentives. Research funds should flow, but purchase incentives should not. And the e-car stays on the very short cable and maybe on the track, say my colleagues.

And then there was the scrapping bonus. Expired six months ago, some applicants are still waiting for the financial support to buy a car. The editorial staff can also only shake their head.

You can read what moved the editorial team in the past week in our photo show.


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