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Tops & amp; Flops of the week (10) - What moved the editorial team

Tops & Flops of the week (10)
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The winter seemed to be almost gone Then it came back, the icy cold and with its new masses of snow. It goes without saying that under these conditions the test car's suitability for winter was particularly important.

Heating, heating, heating

The heaters and their heating capacity in particular provided for a surge of emotions - especially in the seats, the steering wheel or as auxiliary heating. If the auxiliary heating is appreciated throughout, seat heaters sometimes ensure a comfortable seat climate, in other cases a hot chair. The ability to drive, especially of the other road users, repeatedly caused displeasure.

The blessing of technical aids such as all-wheel drive, adaptive lighting systems or traction control and ESP, however, met with general approval.

Hot in and on Bahrain

The beginning Formula 1 season was doubly hot. With temperatures of around 30 degrees, Bahrain forms an extreme opposite pole to the local climate in terms of weather - but also the discussion about the clout of F1 returnees Schumacher and who-will-be-at-the-season-how-how-to-do-what-will-be-at-the-season-open-minded. One thing is clear: Formula 1 is in again.

But even extreme cars are moving towards clear statements: Alfa turns 100 and for the anniversary there are also historical models such as the T33 /2 Stradale their way back to the public - to the delight of many colleagues. The one refined by Mansory was shown publicly for the first time in Geneva M ercedes G, which as G-Couture did not meet with much approval from the editorial staff. You can read the tops & flops of the individual editors in the photo show.


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