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Tops & amp; Flops of the editors: Dreck-Schleudern and Mo, Moo, Mokicks

Markus Stier
Tops & Flops from the editorial team
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I n Formula 1 there is fire under the roof. Not only because there was a fire in the pits at Williams after the Spanish GP - no, five races, five different winners and a shower racer who has obviously lost the bubbling. This is how motorsport is fun.

Urgent mud pack

The fans are obviously having fun in their very own way at the 24-hour race on the Nürburgring, who are turning the Green Hell into the largest barbecue stall in the world again, and the GTI disciples who are even thrown with holy Reifnitz mud.

Carroll Shelby is no longer allowed to run. A very big one in the auto industry has died, but the snake tamer will live on forever in numerous Shelby models and of course in the legendary AC Cobra. How the future of the traditional racing car manufacturer Lola will be determined is still uncertain. Lola doesn't run anymore. The lack of money was followed by bankruptcy. It's a shame.

On the other hand, Chinese car buyers who have ordered five Eterniti Artemis straight from the Auto China stand are very solvent. Obviously the market for super-SUV monsters is there. So Bentley, Maserati and Co. rank and introduce - at least in Asia. For Europe, Chevrolet has announced the compact SUV Trax, giving Opel the next hit. Why? Because the Trax is essentially a mocha. In the GM Group, there is not only hot brewing, there is also still a fire under the roof.

You can see what else has moved the editorial team this week in the large photo show.


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