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Tops & amp; Flops of 2010 - What moved the editorial team

Reinhard Schmid
Tops & Flops of 2010
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W as is the editor of auto motor und sport particularly moved in the year ending? Sure: cars, engines and sports. A special highlight for many colleagues was the Formula 1 driver's title for Sebastian Vettel. We're somebody in motorsport again. The Schumacher era seems to be history, the Vettel era has begun. We are Germany, we are world champions. And who did it? The 'little' hag. Congratulations again.

S├ębastien Loeb proves constancy, the license plate is willing to change

Not quite as effective in public, but the other super Seb S├ębastien Loeb has his competitors under control all the more confidently. With an incredible dominance, the little Alsatian won his seventh World Rally Championship title in a row. In addition, the Frenchman has been unbeaten on tarmac since 2005.

On the other hand, the DTM racing series did less well on the points account of his colleagues. Overall too boring and then crowned with a finale in distant China, it's time for new comrades-in-arms like BMW and a change of direction.

Of e-cars and dream carriages

They are also willing to change the colleagues when it comes to the announced change number plate. They rave about larger vehicle fleet expansions and new possibilities. However, there is criticism for the previously favored interpretation of the miracle number. One number for three, but only three cars - no scooters, motorcycles, mobile homes or other vehicles. If the change number does not become a zero number. But hope dies last.

The knowledge of the electric car disciples too. Even if the promises made by the manufacturers far exceed the performance of their e-models, new piles in terms of performance and range are constantly being driven in. Until the national traffic is noticeably attached to the cable, a lot of fuel will probably run through the injection nozzles of the conventionally powered competitors.

And of course 2010 also brought plenty of cars. Some combined with the attribute dream, others to be forgotten.

But you can read about it and what else has moved the editorial team in the large photo show.


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