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Tops & amp; Editors' flops: The Incredibles and the Lunch Box

Jens Katemann
Tops & Flops from Tokyo and LA
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D This week was really in terms of automotive technology themselves. Trade fair highlights in a double pack and non-stop. Some come from the far east, others come to us from far in the west. Whether the Tokyo Motor Show or the L.A. Auto Show - there was something worth seeing here and there. And those who couldn't decide from the manufacturers presented their new products twice.

The more bizarre portfolio was undoubtedly rolled out by the exhibitors in Tokyo. For example, the mixture of wastebasket and bar stool that Honda calls Uni-Cub and is said to have a career as a personal transporter. The Mitsubishi Pajero, whose designated successor made his debut in Tokyo, has already had a decent career. Its design is so daring that colleagues thought of the association with a bread box.

Spicy, not just for gamers

The new Mini, on the other hand, leaves behind uncertainty. Does he like it or not? The contributions to the Jaguar F-Type Coupé are clearer - this cat suit fits perfectly. The Japanese at Nissan have implemented a fixed idea with the IDx. Edged, different, sharper than some fair hostesses. And next to it the Bladeglider from the same stable. Simply unbelievable, unbelievably different.

In contrast, the eyes glued to the Mercedes Vision AMG GT in disbelief. It is actually in LA, but only comes virtually in a new racing simulation. A car for big and small play children. The long-awaited Porsche Macan is incredibly tangible. It should be dynamic like no other in its segment. But he still has to prove it to us. In any case, he is doubling the SUV range at Porsche and - if the forecasts are to be believed - the sports car manufacturer is finally turning into an SUV supplier. Not just a real trade fair highlight.

You can read what else has moved the editorial team this week in the photo show.


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