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Top used cars: Mercedes G-Class: which lasts a long time

Used cars: Mercedes G-Class
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E s is all a question of the point of view: If the reports on fuel prices and CO2 taxes spread fear and horror, the current economic situation plays a role used car buyers straight into the cards. Because the shrinking demand for old SUVs has led some dealers to make immoral offers. This now applies not only to exotic slow-moving goods, but also to real classics such as the Mercedes G-model - cars that experience has shown to be absolutely stable in value and easy to sell.

The Mercedes G has over 30 years of experience

The qualities of a G-Class do not need to be listed here. Rigid axles, ladder frames, three differential locks and a 30-year history speak for themselves. But time does not go by without a trace on the angular Mercedes. Interested parties should be aware that spare parts and repairs to the G-model are extremely expensive. Therefore: take a close look at the Mercedes, especially if it is offered for less than 10,000 euros, so as not to have to experience any nasty surprises.

For some, the variety of models and the wide range of used cars may be confusing, but 1989 was a special turning point, because from then on the G changed its character. Previously only equipped with an additional four-wheel drive and a rigid transfer case, it has now been given a permanent four-wheel drive, luxurious equipment and some visual changes. The clearest feature is the grill in body color with the attached lower fender corners.

Workhorse: The 461 series

The so-called 463 series is basically identical to today's models - apart from many fashionable and electronic adaptations and the electrically controlled Reduction which has replaced the mechanical since 2000. Attention, purists: In addition to the 463 versions, a spartan 461 variant also rolled off the production line, which should further emphasize the workhorse character without permanent all-wheel drive, wooden parts or carpets.

From 2001 the 461s were only delivered to authorities and the military. If you discover a G in Flecktarn on the used car market, it is such a model - called Wolf by the Bundeswehr. Those who are interested may find what they are looking for at the federal recycling company (www.vebeg.de). Every now and then, new vehicles are auctioned here.

All other models can be found on the common automobile exchanges on the Internet. Here you shouldn't be put off by old age. With good care and regular service, a G-Class can still be used after 20 years. Provided that the car was spared permanent off-road use and extensive motorway chasing. So the weaker engines of the first decade were happily kicked mercilessly. And models built up to the beginning of the 90s are very susceptible to rust.

Different durability engines

The best The 300 E, 320, 300 D and 300 TD have a reputation for durability. The 230 E, 240 D and the 350 TD from the 1990s are more sensitive. The limited special model 500 GE (240 PS) from 1993 - the first G with a V8 engine - turned out to be a special treat. Mercedes sold only 500 of the luxuriously equipped thick ships for at least 178,000 D-Marks.

After tough negotiations, the registration document of a well-kept model can change hands for around 15,000 euros. But be careful, this car drinks in every situation - 20 liters is something completely normal. The same applies to the later V8 petrol engines with 296 hp, which are relatively cheap for them. The smooth running, the strong start and the V8 blubber fit perfectly with the appearance of the classic anyway.


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