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Top sellers Scottsdale Barrett-Jackson: custom cars and Hollywood movie cars

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Top seller Scottsdale Barrett-Jackson
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D he 10 most expensive cars of the Barret-Jackson -Auction on January 13th achieved $ 2,456,200 - around 2.1 million euros. As reported by market watchers from classic analytics, total sales on day one were $ 17.7 million, with all 281 vehicles on offer being sold. The sales quota is 100% as in the previous year, but the total turnover is more than twice as high (14.6 million dollars in 2014).

560 hp pre-war pick-up

The highest price was paid for a 1940 Ford Boyd Coddington pick-up. The bids for the pre-war pickup refined by Ron Pratte from Boyd's Shop did not end until $ 374,000. You can see from the look of the car that not everything is going well here. So that the monstrous engine power of the Roush 427 IR engine - 560 hp - doesn't constantly burn black donuts into the asphalt, the chassis has been extensively adapted. At the front, the pick-up is suspended from two double wishbones, while the rear axle is a Corvette C4. The Ford pick-up has only been moved 200 miles since its completion.

Camaro for 330,000 dollars

With A 1969 Chevrolet Camaro COPO 427 is $ 330,000 in second place in the top 10. The pony car has the 425 hp V8, a four-speed manual transmission and the COPO spoiler package and is painted in the rare color 'Burnished Brown'. No expense or effort was spared during the restoration; according to the auction catalog, all components should be dated with the factory code down to the last screw. The history is well documented, affidavits are available from all previous owners since 1976.

50% increase in value in 7 years for George Barris' Movie Car

Only in the USA can a crazy movie car achieve record prices. In the specific case, this is one of 5 built copies of the Beverly Hillbillies Custom Truck. Nobody less than the Batmobile builder George Barris of Kustom Industries created this automobile on the basis of a 1922 Oldsmobile chassis. The bizarre car fetched $ 275,000 - exactly double the price of its 2008 result.

The ready-to-drive vehicle was offered 7 years ago and sold for $ 137,500. To thatFilm car belongs to the entire decoration including mannequins, a certificate of authenticity signed by George Barris and a signature of the legendary American.

We show the other top sellers in our photo show.

The top 10 Barrett's Jackson auction in Scottsdale on January 13, 2015

  1. 1940 Ford Boyd Coddington Custom Pickup (lot 2010): $ 375,000
  2. 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Copo Coupé ( Lot 2015): 330,000 dollars
  3. Beverly Hillbillies Custom Truck (lot 2005): 275,000 dollars
  4. 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle Yenko 427 Coupé (lot 2016): 275,000 dollars
  5. 1932 Ford Custom Show Roadster (lot 2038) $ 269,500
  6. 1954 Chevrolet Corvette Coddington Custom Roadster (lot 2014): $ 242,000
  7. 1956 Chrysler Custom Sport Wagon (lot 2024): 242,000 Dollars
  8. 1970 Plymouth Cuda Hemi Coupé (lot 2026): 225,500 dollars
  9. 1932 Ford Muroc II Roadster (lot 2037): 222,200 dollars
  10. 1970 Dodge Hemi Charger R /T Ha rdtop (lot 2025): $ 220,000


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