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Top list & # 34; The Autobahn cities & # 34;

Top list 'The Autobahn cities'
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S age and write 0.4 minutes , So it takes 24 seconds from the city center to the next motorway. In theory, of course - without traffic lights, traffic jams, traffic signs and other 'obstacles'.

Ruhrpott best networked

This is based on an evaluation by the Federal Institute for building, urban and spatial research, which our colleagues from Men's Health published in their current issue. Accordingly, the Ruhrpott metropolises such as Essen, Herne, Duisburg or Gelsenkirchen with their dense motorway network are way ahead in these statistics.

Stuttgart with the 'Red Lantern'

It takes a car driver almost infinitely long to get out of Stuttgart. It takes 37 times longer, namely 14.8 minutes, to reach the next motorway entrance. This puts Stuttgart in last place among the autobahn cities and ranks 48th. Our colleagues had no data on Saarbr├╝cken and Hanover.


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