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Top 50 new registrations in China 2017: All cars, all data

New registrations China 2017
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D he Chinese car market is dominated by mid-range sedans and, above all, spacious MPV Models that are equally suitable for transporting people and goods. But SUV models are also gaining popularity in China. At the top of the new registrations are models from these three categories. At the top of the podium is the Wuling Hongguang minibus, followed by the VW Lavida mid-size sedan and the Haval H6 SUV.

3 VW in the Top 10 in China

The Baojun 510 is the newcomer in China 2017.

The climber of the year is without a doubt the Baojun 510, the has settled in 6th place. The SUV, which has been on the Chinese market since February 2017, immediately found 358,877 buyers. In December alone he managed to get his established competitor Haval H6 down to 1,100 units. The little all-wheel drive should also have what it takes to land in the top 3 in 2018. It has a 1.5-liter gasoline engine that is good for 112 hp and 147 Nm and runs from zero to 100 km /h in 11.9 seconds. It costs from 59,800 yuan (equivalent to 7,625 euros). For comparison, the VW Tiguan ranks one place behind with 340,032 new registrations and an increase in registrations of 40.4 percent, the second best VW in our top 50 ranking. It has been built by Shanghai-Volkswagen in China since 2010 and is based on the PQ3 platform. It costs in China from 199,800 yuan (equivalent to 25,400 euros). The third VW was able to place itself in the top 10 in tenth place, the VW Sagiar, a total of eleven models in the top 50.

Volkswagen with the largest market share in China

Considered If you look at the Chinese market by brand, the following picture emerges:Volkswagen is also by far the market leader in the People's Republic and was able to set a new sales record in 2017. 3,139,120 models were sold in 2017, an increase of 4.4 percent compared to the previous year. VW's market share in China is 12.95 percent. Second place is occupied by Honda with 1,417,802 models. The Japanese moved up from 3rd place in 2016 to silver place and were able to gain 18.5 percent. Another new record. Number 3 in the Chinese market is Geely. The up-and-coming brand grew by 60.7 percent in 2017 and sold 1,251,656 models. The Chinese car market grew only slightly in 2017. Car sales rose by 1.5 percent to 24.2 million vehicles

You can see which other models the Chinese are into in the photo show.


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