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Top 10 Most Stolen Cars in the United States

US car thieves love these models
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H ot Wheels even the youngest in Germany know. Few people know that the term “hot wheels” does not only mean fast model cars, but also stolen cars. The National Insurance Crime Burea reports the most stolen vehicles in the United States each year. This includes new and used cars.

In 2017, Honda Civic owners were most likely to have their vehicle stolen. A total of 45,062 copies, including 6,707 from 1998, were stolen. The Honda Accord (43,764) and the Ford F-150 (35,105) came in second and third. The Chevrolet Silverado (30,058), the Toyota Camry (17,278) and the Nissan Altima (13,358) follow in fourth to sixth place. The last four places in the top 10 of 2017 are completed by the Toyota Corolla (12,337), Dodge Ram (12,004), GMC Sierra (10,865) and the Chevrolet Impala (9,487).

They steal snowmobiles in hot Texas

But not only cars are regularly stolen in the USA. The NICB also lists the number of stolen snowmobiles. From January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2017, 1,593 snowmobiles were stolen in the United States - 506 in 2015, 549 in 2016, and 537 in 2017. In 32 of the 50 states - including New Mexico and Texas - in stolen at least one snowmobile during this period. Minnesota reports the most thefts at 314, followed by Michigan (207), Wisconsin (129), Alaska (128) and Washington (109).

Of the only four existing snowmobile manufacturers in North America, these were most popular from Polaris. 566 copies were stolen. The Textron /Arctic Cat (418), Bombardier /Ski-Doo (416) and Yamaha (153) brands follow in second to fourth place. The remaining 39 specimens could no longer be identified. By the way: 57 percent of the snowmobile thefts could not be resolved because the stolen vehicles are quite easy to hide.


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