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Top 10 Most Expensive Cars from Pebble Beach

RM Auctions
10 classics bring 126 million
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7 Ferrari, 1 Porsche, 1 Jaguar - and a youngtimer

D he picture is unchanged: 7 of the 10 most expensive cars from Pebble Beach are Ferrari of the 50s and 60s. Right at the top of the virtual podium at the Pebble Beach auctions is a Ferrari 250 LM with a Scaglietti body. The car with chassis number 6105 is the 23rd of a total of 32 copies built.

Driven in races for more than 20 years - without an accident

The racing history of the car powered by a 3.3-liter V12 with 320 hp is extremely extensive and begins with the first owner, the Englishman Ronald Fry, the scion of a chocolatier family. With 6105 he took part in numerous hill climbs, club and drag races until 1966. Enzo Ferrari awarded Fry a medal for his success with the car.

Ronald Fry was not a fast, but also a careful driver - he never had a single accident. Fry later sold the car to David Skailes, who had it overhauled in 6105 in Maranello - and had it fitted with the 'Longnose'.

The Ferrari with Scaglietti body came to Japan and was part of the famous Matsuda there Collection before it was sold to Europe and then the US. Now he achieved $ 17.6 million at the RM Sotheby's auction (all information: Hagarty (Classic-Analytics).

RM Sothebys with the most top 10 cars.

6 of the top 10 were auctioned by RM Sothebys, but Gooding & Co. made it to 2nd and 3rd place with a Ferrari 250 GT California SWB Spyder with headlight covers dates from 1961 and has the chassis number 3095 GT.Originally delivered to Switzerland, it was sold to France, New York, back to Switzerland and Italy, before it came to its current owner, who has it in his winter home parked in the south of France. The car was sold for $ 16.83 million.

Nuccio Bertone's personal favorite Ferrari

A 'Sharknose Ferrari' comes close at $ 16.5 million 'Third place in the Top 10: A 1962 Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta Speciale with Bertone body. Nucc io Bertone, the shape of the Speciale became

First owner Nuccio Bertone bought the 250 GT chassis with the number 3269 GT and leftdraw the spectacular shape of the then 23-year-old Giorgetto Giugiaro.

Youngtimer for 13.75 million dollars

Number four of the most expensive cars from Pebble Beach may surprise some observers, since it is only a 17-year-old classic car, but the 1998 McLaren F1 is a very exclusive super sports car. It is one of only two copies that were subsequently built in the factory according to 'LM specifications'.

The LM is a special model that was built in 1995 on the occasion of the LeMans victory in a small series of 5 copies. The McLaren F1 GTR was the first car ever to win in its first appearance at the legendary 24-hour race.

Most powerful production car in the world - and up to 400 km /h

Even the normal F1 is one of the rarest supercars with 64 units (information from McLaren, all models: 100 units), two of which have been upgraded at McLaren. Among other things with an engine that has been upgraded to 680 hp, weight reduction by simply omitting equipment such as the audio system. The LM weighs 1.062 kg - around 60 less than the normal F1. The BMW six-liter V12 of the LM has around 80 hp more than the GTR racing cars and weighs only 12 kg more.

The super sports car, built from 1993 to 1998, is still one of the most powerful and fastest street-legal automobiles today . The top speed is around 400 km /h.

As early as 2013, a McLaren F1 (chassis number 66) was auctioned as part of the Pebble Beach Concours, which was previously the most expensive F1, with auction proceeds of 8.47 million dollars . This price has now been clearly exceeded: Hagarty /Classic-Analytics reports $ 13.75 million for the 1998 McLaren F1 LM.

Auction -Stats Pebble Beach 2015

First of all: The record results of 2014 were not quite achieved, but the high level was almost maintained. In order to make the results comparable, the figures from the Rick Cole auction for 2014 have been removed, as this year's figures verified by Hagarty /Classic-Analytics are not yet available.

2014 was a record result of 402.6 Million dollars are achieved (including Rick Cole: 428.1), this year the numbers are around 3.6% below those of the previous year. The range was even larger: 1,386 vehicles were for sale (previous year: 1,227), of which 803 found a new owner - the sales quota is 58%.

The average price achieved - an indicator for the Quality of Cars - is $ 479,557 this year, down slightly from last year when it made $ 540,366. At RM Sothebys, the average vehicle price was $ 1.19 millionand the highest sales rate at 91%.


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