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Too high NOx values ​​at Renault: new software comes later

Too high NOx values ​​at Renault
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D he drivers of Renault diesels that meet the Euro 6b standard should receive mail from the manufacturer in October with an invitation to visit the workshop. Renault wants to install an electronics update that improves the effectiveness of the memory catalytic converter. In addition, the exhaust gas recirculation remains active in a further operating range after the update.

The French authorities are still checking

Because the French authorities have not yet approved the changes to the existing vehicles, the action is delayed. According to Renault, there are “still a few things that are unclear.” The changes for the series vehicles have already been approved and have been installed since July.

Too high NOx values ​​in everyday life

For emissions tests on behalf of the company of the French environment ministry, Renault Talisman and Captur had exceeded the NOx limit values ​​by far. In the NOx test carried out by auto motor und sport magazine, two Renault models recently attracted attention due to their high NOx values ​​in real traffic. A Renault Espace dCi 160 showed the highest NOx values ​​of all 20 diesel models with Euro 6 engines that have been tested by auto motor und sport to date. Despite a cautious driving style, the Espace emitted 15.3 times the limit value on the 100 km long ams test lap and achieved 1,222 mg nitrogen oxide per kilometer. The Renault Mégane dCi 110 emitted 9.9 times the NOx limit value in real traffic.

As Renault auto motor und sport announced, the manufacturer has “developed an action plan to go beyond the existing and in In addition to fully respected Euro 6b standards, we can offer our customers an improved system for NOx exhaust gas cleaning ”. The update is intended to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions “in everyday customer life”. However, the update is voluntary. The software should be installed from October. It is now uncertain whether the service campaign will start this year or whether the customers will not be contacted until 2017.


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