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Tokyo Motor Show 2015 - All novelties and highlights

Jochen Knecht
Tokyo Motor Show 2015
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H onda is introducing a new, series-ready fuel cell model with the FCV Spotlight on the Tokyo Motor Show, due to hit the market in 2016. The range of new products is complemented by an electric version of the popular Cub moped, the Neowind three-wheel motorcycle study and a particularly lightweight supersports motorcycle concept. You can also see the concept car Honda Project 2 & 4 powered by RC213V, which was already shown at the IAA.

Crazy minivan concepts

Mazda will unveil a new sports car concept. Maybe a rebirth of the rotary engine and a continuation of the RX-8 story. Suzuki comes up with a whole range of Ignis models. In addition to the production model, the new small car Trail Concept will be shown in a crossover look and as a Mighty Deck Concept in a pickup look. The Suzuki Air Triser interprets the subject of minivans in a new and original way.

The Nissan study Teatro for Dayz hits the same note. The interior of the minivan is versatile. Nissan launched the 2020 study for the Gran Turismo racing simulation.

The three studies from Daihatsu are also original. Noriori, Tempo and Hinata - all come as minivans with special features. In contrast, the D-Base Concept almost looks like a conventional small car. Subaru contributes a concept car for the five-door Impreza, shows the compact SUV study VIZIV II and a facelift of the Forester.

Toyota contributes a small sports car, a fuel cell study and a funny mini hot rod to the show program . At Mitsubishi, an electric compact SUV dominates the stand.

And what are the Europeans showing? In Tokyo, Porsche is showing the all-wheel drive versions of the refreshed 911 as well as a tightened Macan. Alpina is likely to present the convertible version of the B6 Biturbo again in Japan. And VW?

Jochen Knecht
What is missing here at the Audi stand at the Tokyo Motor Show? Perhaps one or the other diesel model from the VW Group?

The theme ' Exhaust scandal 'plays a role. VW boss Diess said 'We did things that were fundamentally wrong. I would like to apologize for that'. He repeated the promise that the scandal would be completely cleared up and a technical solution found for the affected engines.

VW Japan boss Sven Stein even went one step further. In a traditional deep bow, he greeted those present and assured them that no VW diesels were affected in Japan.

As a novelty, Volkswagen presented the VW Tiguan, already known from the IAA, as a GTE study with plug-in hybrid - Perhaps one or the other visitor didn't notice that some of the seats on the Audi stand were noticeably empty.


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