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A ls a kind of test run the Sanifair systems are through there new baby changing rooms with particularly child-friendly room design have been upgraded, said the spokesman for Tank & Rast, Andreas Rehm, on Tuesday (05.01) on dpa request

According to his information, it is not yet clear whether the additional equipment and the cost increase of at least 40 percent will be extended to all rest stops. For this purpose, the test results should be awaited and evaluated. TÜV certification is planned for the twelve Sanifair test locations this year. As with the other 358 Sanifair establishments, those who use these systems receive a voucher worth 50 cents, which is offset when shopping in the rest stops. So far, the maintenance costs could have been intercepted with the 50-cent voucher, said Rehm. Now, however, the necessary further investments and disproportionately increased costs for maintenance have made an additional fee of 20 cents necessary.

Everyone should pay for baby changing rooms, child-friendly toilets and wash basins

The changes at the twelve affected locations are accompanied by customer surveys. In addition to the baby changing rooms, child-friendly toilets and sinks will also be installed. According to Rehm, previous regular customer surveys have shown user satisfaction with the system, but also requests for improvement. Affected rest stops in North Rhine-Westphalia are: Ville West and East on the A1, Rhynern North and South on the A2, Ohligser Heide East and West on the A3, Hösel Ost on the A3 and Peppenhoven East and West on the A61. The test facilities in Bavaria include Steigerwald Süd on the A3, Spessart Süd on the A3 and Nürnberg Feucht Ost on the A9.


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