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TMC Dumont: Crazy custom bike from ex-F1 driver

Tarso Marques
TMC Dumont
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I n Formula 1 was the Brazilian Tarso Marques between 1996 and 2001 for the Minardi team at the start. He was unable to achieve any notable successes. He later enjoyed his passion for racing at stock car races in his home country. Today his focus is on customizing. With his own company he designs and builds extremely unusual cars and motorcycles.

All cut out in Daytona

Tarso Marques delivered an absolute highlight at the 2018 Daytona Bike Week, wherever they are deliver tough competition to the world's best customizers. And Marques prevailed. TMC Dumont, which he designed, stole the show from virtually all competitors and won the title “Best of Show”. For the ultimate show effect, TMC Dumont - it is named after a Brazilian aviation pioneer - relies on a longitudinally installed, air-cooled six-cylinder aircraft engine and 36-inch wheels without hubs.

300 HP without soundproofing

The approximately 300 hp engine with horizontal cylinders, which comes from the aircraft engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce and otherwise works in countless Cessnas, is supplied with mixture via two multiple carburettors and a huge air scoop. Soundproofing? Nothing. You exhale through short, undamped flame tubes.

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For the actual wheel drive, the TMC Dumont translates the crankshaft speed via a belt drive to an intermediate shaft. The drive torque then flows to the rear wheel via an angular drive and a chain drive via a friction wheel. The front wheel is guided in a rocker arm, which is rotatably mounted horizontally in the frame pivot point. The steering angle is minimal. The driver sits unprotected in front of the rear wheel only an estimated 30 centimeters above the ground and directly behind the six-cylinder. It sits on a steel tub profile that serves as a frame. Front and rear wheelare supported on it by air bellows, as we know them from trucks.

In addition to the TMC Dumont, Marques has already manufactured numerous other custom bikes based on BMW, Triumph and of course Harley models. Cars, boats, helicopters and planes also pass through his design department.


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