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TM Concept 36: Age 3s, specifically, blatant

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TM Concept 36
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The initial spark for the Concept 36 project came from a racing driver who wants to compete in hillclimb races with his BMW 3 Series E36 Coupé. In addition, the old 3 Series should get a new bodywork that delivers maximum downforce and offers space for modern wheel-tire combinations. A smart look can also jump out as an accessory. TM Cars from Budapest set to work with these specifications - always the C oncept 30 keeping in mind.

BMW E36 is getting really fat

The result was a lush wide body kit with wide, flared wheel arches front and rear, a front apron with spoiler rest, fat side skirts as well a rear with adjustable spoiler lip. The bonnet extends slightly over the headlights at the front, sharpening the view of the 3 Series. The headlights themselves, as well as the taillights, can be kept as original or replaced by LED accessory components.

So far, the Concept 36 has only existed virtually. But the molds for the new body components should be created over the winter. A first prototype is to be built in spring 2016. The corresponding driving tests should follow immediately afterwards - after all, the E36 should be a real hill climber.

Later, the body kit should also be available to everyone. TM Cars names a price of around 3,000 to 3,500 euros.

Behind TM Cars is the designer Zsolt Tarnok, who already created the Evantra .


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