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Tire raw material supplier: ecological tires do not get more expensive in the long run

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The head of development of the chemical company and raw material supplier Lanxess, Christoph Kalla, said a uto motor und sport : 'By 2020, 80 percent of the tires rolling in the EU should have optimized rolling resistance. As a result of the steadily growing supply of green tires, we do not expect any significant price increases. ”But production costs are currently rising because the production of the new tires is more difficult to manufacture due to their higher proportion of synthetic rubber. 'Now it is important to convey the advantages of better tires to the consumer.'

Up to ten percent CO2 savings possible

The new, optimized tires could immediately reduce a car's CO2 emissions significantly, says Kalla. “We believe that it is already possible to save ten percent CO2 with today's products.” The car companies are very interested in equipping their cars with the new tires. “After all, saving CO2 through the tire is cheaper than developing a new engine. At the same time, everyone can easily green their mobility if they buy a different tire. ”

Even if the production costs for the new tires have risen, Kalla sees the tire manufacturers in the industrialized countries strengthened because they are much better at dealing with them Low-cost providers can fight back. 'The challenge is that the special new ingredients can no longer be processed so easily by the tire manufacturer because the machines were designed for different materials,' explains Kalla. “The materials are becoming more expensive, so tire production itself has to become more efficient. This means that manufacturers in the western world are becoming more competitive. In low-wage countries it is not yet possible to produce such high-quality tires of the same quality. ”


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