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Tire change: You have to pay attention to this

Reinhard Schmid
Tire change
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They often lead a shadowy existence, are neglected and hardly looked after. Car tires are one of the most important components on the vehicle. A comparison with motorsport, for example, makes this clear: Here, tires ultimately decide between victory and defeat.

Storing tires correctly

Tires are the only link to the road and do heavy work every day: Transferring braking and acceleration forces to the asphalt, mastering high centrifugal forces at high speeds and lifting the vehicle's weight. From spring onwards, the tires will be used more and more. When ice and snow no longer play a role, the time for carefree driving begins. But before you can really enjoy it, you have to switch from winter to summer tires. This is important because the tires for the cold season with their softer rubber compound make for a spongy driving experience and increased wear and tear at high outside temperatures.

So you have to get off the car when no more frost is expected. After changing the bike, please note: If you do not leave the storage to the workshop of your trust, you should know that the wheels are to be stored either lying flat or hanging . Tires without rims can also be stored upright, provided they are turned a little every now and then. And one more thing: The storage place is perfect when it is dark and dry - the rubber does not age so quickly.

Tires should not be older than seven years

Are the tires in The years come, an exchange is necessary - no matter how good the profile is. Over time, the rubber compound hardens, which affects the grip. On average, drivers should change their tires at least every seven years. How old a tire is can be found on its flank be determined based on the DOT number . As part of the tire identification number (TIN), it indicates the date of manufacture with its last four digits.

If they already show damage in the form of cracks or porous areas, the replacement is due earlier. Outward bulges in the tire wall should not be ignored either. They indicate a damaged carcass, which often occurs when it comes into contact with the curboccurs. If it is approached at an acute angle or at too much speed, the tire casing suffers. Likewise, oils, fuels, greases, chemicals or the direct jet of a high-pressure cleaner can damage the rubber.

At least 1.6 millimeters tread depth

The tread depth of car tires also requires regular and precise checks. The legislature writes a minimum tread depth of 1.6 Millimeters , but when it comes to summer tires, drivers should think of replacing them with a remaining tread of three millimeters.

In addition to the tread depth, air pressure is a decisive measure for safety . If it is too low, in addition to increased wear and tear and fuel consumption, above all negative influences on handling are to be complained about. A sluggish steering that reacts sluggishly is usually the first sign of air loss in the tire.

Pay attention to regular tire pressure checks

In addition, the car may be more difficult to control when cornering. In addition, the risk of tire blowouts increases. This can happen when the vehicle is fully loaded, especially on long stretches of motorway in summer. The air pressure should therefore be checked regularly, experts recommend doing this at least twice a month.

The check should be carried out when the tires are cold, i.e. not after a long period of driving. The correct values ​​for the air pressure can be found in the operating instructions. Often, however, there are also stickers with the relevant information on the door pillar or the inside of the fuel filler flap. The maximum air pressure specified there is intended for the fully loaded state, but it does not cause any damage in normal operation, but even reduces rolling resistance and thus fuel consumption to a minimum - but you have to accept a slight loss of comfort. That shows how sensitive the tires are. If you neglect it, you will get the receipt very quickly. And that can be expensive - because good tires have their price.


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