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N of course, a modern car can easily get into the To go on vacation. Air conditioning, cruise control and sometimes a massage seat keep us fit for hours, and of course the music from the perfectly coordinated surround system sounds like in a concert hall, while the engine can hardly be heard. And because a navigation system on board has long been taken for granted, we don't even have to lower the tinted windows to ask for directions when you're abroad.

A trip is the best way to get to know your classic

Everything is convenient and practical, no question about it. But that's kind of a fireplace DVD too. How about, however, if you took your old or youngtimer for your next trip? Okay, you will have to forego some of the modern conveniences, but the driving experience offered is guaranteed to make up for all the efforts.

Even more: it will reward you with a very special feeling of freedom, which is noticeable as soon as you operate the starter. Autonomous driving? Maybe later. This is about actively moving an old car, feeling it and experiencing it with all your senses. On top of that, a trip is the best moment for it - because then we finally have time to fully engage in this experience.

2,000 km are Usually no problem for the classics

Are you worried that your classic won't make it on a tour like this? Unjustified, unless it is a highly sensitive super sports car. Most of the cars that were once built for everyday use, on the other hand, shouldn't be overwhelmed by a 2,000-kilometer trip into the mountains or down to the Mediterranean - as long as you already explain the route to your destination and approach the stages a little more relaxed In our neighboring countries, there is a rigorous speed limit everywhere, faster than 130 km /h is nowhere allowed on the motorways - even with a modern car you would only arrive there slightly earlier.

No classic car trip without preparation

Of course, such a break only works with a perfectly healthy car. Anyone who constantly hears noises from the engine compartment or the drive train that shouldn't actually be there, or constantly has to top up oil and water, will never quite feelBeing able to get involved in the driving pleasure offered - certainly not in the country and its people. Or, to put it another way: No trip without preparation, not least because the drive, tires and brakes are exposed to significantly higher loads on longer tours (and especially in the mountains).

A technology check, which is urgently recommended in advance, should therefore be carried out include a close look at the ignition system, all electrical lines, all connections and lighting. On top of that, the radiator, water pump, coolant hoses and fuel lines should be checked for leaks.

Check and add on-board tools before departure

A breakdown cannot be completely ruled out on the way, but you can fix it yourself on the spot - so make sure you have the right tool kit. The basic equipment includes a spark plug wrench, a set of screwdrivers, a socket wrench and wrench set, pliers and a hammer.

A package with a few typical car spare parts is also on board. These include a distributor cap, spark plug cap, spark plugs, fuses, light bulbs, a V-belt and a throttle and clutch cable each (and of course the corresponding repair manual). Also important: cable ties, superglue, hose clamps, wire and fabric tape. If there is still a letter of protection in the glove compartment, nothing should stand in the way of such a trip.

There are tips on on-board tools here.

Go on a trip with friends!

Of course you can go on tour alone or with your partner. Only you then determine the route, the pace and the destination. But with classics it has always been a bit like the motorcycle scene: With two cars or in a small group, journeys can be even more fun.

A group should agree on a few rules, for example that the slowest car sets the pace and is not allowed to be overtaken within the convoy. Furthermore, everyone has to know the exact route - nothing is more annoying than having to discuss the direction at every intersection.

Large range of organized classic car tours

You might want to go with your Traveling with vintage cars, but you can't or don't want to take care of organizing such a tour? No problem either - more and more organizers have now specialized in the needs of the classic car group. In addition to a road book or tour guide, this usually includes selected accommodation and often services such as luggage transport or an escort vehicle including a mechanic. Sometimes a rental classic is also available on site.Get in, drive off and move into the reserved hotel room in the evening - it couldn't be much easier.

In the meantime, classics can also be rented individually at some holiday destinations such as Italy, southern France, South Africa or Madeira (see list on the right). Perhaps it is time to put the open fire DVD away and start a real campfire again.

Organized classic car trips

The companies in the following list offer organized classics -Travel at home and abroad (no claim to completeness).

Here you can rent vintage cars

You can now rent vintage cars in certain destinations (the list does not claim to be complete ).

  • Vintage Road Trips : Porsche 911, Citroën 2 CV, VW Bus T2 and Vespa in Avignon, southern France
  • Sprintage : Large fleet in Milan and Florence
  • Drive in Style : Various vintage cars in Northern Italy, with delivery service to the Vacation resort
  • Classic Wheels : Large fleet in Cape Town, South Africa


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